Aug 11

Citrix Desktop Director tweeks

Having to implement Xendesktop 5 in an organization requires a few extra steps. The Desktop Director is no different.

Desktop Director is a great entry level tool to any support case regarding XenDekstop. But when the supporters have to log on to the Web Interface portal multiple times a day, the non-prepopulated domain field quickly becomes an annoyance.


Here is how I have prepopulated and hidden the domain field on the logon page.

Prepopulate the domain field

On the DDC having the Desktop Director role installed, locatd and edit the ‘LogOn.aspx’ file. By default you can find it at “C:\initpub\wwwroot\DesktopDirector\Logon.aspx”

In line 213 you will have the following:

<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” runat=”server” CssClass=”text-box”></asp:TextBox>

Change it to:

<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” runat=”server” Text=”XenBlog” CssClass=”text-box” ></asp:TextBox>

This will prepopulate the domain field text box with your domain name and still allow the user to change it, if that should be required.


Prepopulate and hide the domain filed

If you want to remove the domain field from the logon page, edit the ‘LogOn.aspx’ file

In line 210 you will see the following:

<asp:Label ID=”DomainLabel” runat=”server” Text=”” CssClass=”label”></asp:Label>

Change it to:

<asp:Label ID=”DomainLabel” runat=”server” Text=”” CssClass=”label” Visibe=”False”></asp:Label>

and change line 213 to:

<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” runat=”server” Text=”XenBlog” CssClass=”text-box” Visible=”False”></asp:TextBox>

This will prepopulate and hide the domain field from the logon page.



Setting the session timeout

By default the idle time session limit of the Desktop Director is 30 min. If you wish to change the timeout, here is how to do it.

  1. Log on to the Desktop Director Server as an administrator
  2. Open the ‘IIS Manager’
  3. Browse to ‘\Sites\Default Web Site\DesktopDirector’ in the left hand pane.
  4. Open ‘Session State’ in the right hand pane
  5. Change the ‘Time-out (in minutes)’ value under ‘Cookie Settings’
  6. Click ‘Apply’ in the Actions list

There might be a better or more correct way to do this, but I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation regarding this.

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